Primavera 88 / Our team & customers

We  @ Primavera 88 see Bulgaria in a new light – with knowledgeable and motivated people who appreciate free initiative, respect the achievements of others and work honestly for a better environment for each of us.

We believe that the success in business is not a final point or destination but a matter of everyday effort and work.

We know that only synergy and team spirit can produce performance and quality.

These are the values ​​in which we believe and which we stand for.

Pavlina Kozarova  decided to found Primavera 88 after 20-years of work as business manager and co-owner in several Bulgarian and international IT and consulting firms – InterConsult Bulgaria, Developa Consult, L-Class, SM Consulta, Team Vision Bulgaria, Marketing Motif, IT Security and Expedize.

At the beginning of her professional career Pavlina has worked as researcher in the field of automation and robotics, and has been a software programmer at the National Committee for Standardization and Metrology.

Pavlina holds Master degree in Maths and Information science from Sofia University, with a master thesis on Artificial Intelligence .

Her expertise is in the fields of project planning and management, business development, marketing & sales, innovation development and commercialization.

Pavlina has huge experience in developing and managing projects funded by various programs:

  • Phare program in Bulgaria,
  • Norwegian finance mechanism for Bulgaria,
  • German-Bulgarian bilateral program,
  • EU R&D Framework programs,
  • Horizon 2020 (SME Instrument),
  • National Innovation Fund,
  • Bulgarian program for support of business innovation and competitiveness OPIC,
  • Erasmus+,
  • Danube Regional Development Programme,
  • ESA funding instruments,
  • Innovation Norway funding instruments.

Last but not least, Pavlina is a well known Bulgarian blogger with, one of the first blogs on business in the country and is co-author of popular books on business and marketing:  “Being successful in the business, now and here”, “100 Bulgarian marketing tales”, “101 marketing tales” and “Blogopedia”.

Nikola Kozarov holds Master degree in Economics and Organizational Management from the University of World and National Economy in Sofia (Bulgaria).

At the beginning of his professional career Nikola has been a software programmer at the National Committee for Standardization and Metrology, and Economic Expert at Podkrepa Labour Union and then Nikola has worked for 15+ years as Economic Director of the privately held Innovation Center for Ferrous Metallurgy in Sofia.

He possesses profound expertise in economic modelling, statistics, organizational management and innovation development.

Nikola has experience in developing and managing projects funded by:

  • German-Bulgarian bilateral program,
  • Bulgarian program for support of business innovation and competitiveness OPIC,
  • Bulgarian National Innovation Fund,
  • Horizon 2020 (SME instrument for innovation development),
  • Danube Regional Programme,
  • ESA funding instruments.

We are happy to have worked for some of the most successful Bulgarian ICT firms internationally as well as for customers in the sectors of e-mobility, distribution and retail, consulting, chemistry, cosmetics.

Among our customers are the companies InterConsult Bulgaria, IT Gix, Dreamix, IG Soft, Agromo, Gopler, pCloud, SM Consulta, Diva 691, IQ Volution, PDS Bulgaria, SoftUni, Capman In, ACE and some others,